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My Process

I love the creative process, it fuels me in a way. There are days in my studio I wish I didn't have to sleep because I just want to continue with the project I'm on. At this point I do everything within the creative process myself, design, sourcing supplies, cutting, punching, molding, stitching ect. I have visions that one day I will have my own Atelier with people who are just as detail oriented as I am, but that is a bit down the road for me. Right now I am completely happy with my creative and learning process. 

I sketch a little bit but I'm not really talented in that area unfortunately. Most times I have a vague design idea in my head and when I see the right leather for that design  it starts coming together in my head. Once that comes together I start patterning, thank goodness I was good at geometry because it's pretty essential, and essentially do a mock up with paper and tape to see how it all comes together. Once I am satisfied with that I do the really scary part, cutting and stitching the leather because there is no going back at that point. Slowly but surely it all comes together into design I had in my head and it's so satisfying to finally see it!